Love the Earth? Consider Your food!

Every year, we always commemorate Earth Day. Various people seem to not want to pass this moment to show that they care about the earth. However, do not be tired of organizing big events to show that we love the earth. Simply look at what we eat. That’s why we love the actual shape of the earth.

Some readers may be wondering, what is the relationship between eating and the earth?

However, human activities slightest impact on the earth. One of them is eating. Because in order to eat it everyday, people did not hesitate to destroy the earth. It is manifested in various forms of human activity, such as destroying forests, polluting the water, kill wildlife, and excessive fishing.

In the small scale probably will not affect the Earth. However, the number of people in the world are 7 Billion people. This is exacerbated by human nature that tends to ignore the ecological sustainability. Thus, when the activity has been excessive, the Earth no longer able to regenerate damaged body.

Back to the issue of eating. Noting our food is not just about what we eat, but also about the tools we use to eat. What do we use to eat is environmentally friendly equipment or not?

Use an eco-friendly tableware and easily broken down by nature. Avoid disposable tableware and difficult ground as described by Styrofoam, plastic, and paper.

Should continue to use equipment that can be used repeatedly as plates and glasses made of glass. This not only reduces waste, but also reduces the risk of cancer when compared to using utensils made of Styrofoam, plastic, and paper.

We must also pay attention to the amount of energy in making food and distribute it. It is related to the distance between producers and consumers. The farther the distance, the greater the energy required.

For example, fruit gardens are just 1 Kilometer from where we live. Distribution can be by using a motorcycle. The energy required is relatively small.

However, this is different from the fruit is imported from countries thousands of Kilometers. Quite a lot of energy is needed to bring the fruits of his home country before us. Obviously, the more energy, the more waste is produced, and the greater the impact on our planet.

The process of manufacture of any food-related energy. Local tavern cook rice using gas that requires relatively little energy. But fast food restaurants cook rice using modern equipment that requires more energy.

For the record, the more energy it takes to produce something, the more fuel needs. This has an impact on the amount of emissions to the earth.

We also have to care about the food production process. Is the food produced from destroying the earth?

For example, when eating vegetables. Are vegetables we eat are vegetables sprayed with pesticides and artificial fertilizers? When sprayed with pesticides, how many species will die and water contaminated by pesticides?

The energy required to make pesticides and artificial fertilizers is large enough. Pesticides also have a direct impact on the natural food chain in nature. Caterpillars that died due to pesticides and eaten by birds can cause poisoning in the birds.

In the long run, the food chain could be lost. This usually leads to surge in the number of species was first rate. Which can cause a number of pest control. For example, the phenomenon of millions of locusts spend crop ready for harvest in many countries around the world.

So, when we eat, we have to ask ourselves about the origin of the food, the cooking, and how to produce it.

Complicated indeed. But that’s the test for those who love the earth.


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