Accrocrap Dance Allure 700 Spectators in Bandung

Fantastic! That is the word that have been prouncenced when watching the show Compagnie Accrorap, a group of hiphop dancers from France. Activities held French Cultural Center (CCF), the dance performance entitled Petites is capable to hypnotise more than 700 spectators Taman Budaya Closed Shops at Ir. H. A Juanda street 53, Bandung on Sunday, 24 May 2009 ago.

The 90 minutes Accrocrap show, has getting a very good appreciation from the audience. Standing Applause at the end of the show, together with cry of “We Want More”, is evidence that performance on Accrorap be regarded a success.

Petites Histoires itself is a story of the boyhood memories of dancer of each other. Group of 5 france men, bring the hiphop dance which combined contemporary dance with Western and Eastern culture.

Agility and the freedom are show in Petites Histoires dance. Not only tell, every dance are show, successfully build on the atmosphere in the building performance. Laughter, sad, amazed and, occasionally appear in spectators face.

Strengthened with slick and simple light and strain of music varies, creating a dance Accrorap life, even truly alive. The audience not only with the tumbler stunned dance hiphop that need more capabilities, but also to the inspiration of the movement of the dancers.

Show The Past Memory

“In this show, I want to show effects when innocent aged between 7 to 11 years,” said Kader Attou, choreographer as well as artistic director Accrorap. Kader cite the memories when he gathered the small butterfly in a plastic bag. Then dust on butterfly wings, he collected in an iron box.

Then, Kader make wing and use them. The powders which he has collected, he spread to the wing that has been created with the hope he can fly like butterfly.

Although it still can not fly, but it was so memorable imprint in himself at this time. “In this show, we want to share memories of our beautiful natural first,” Kader demolished.

In each work, Kader said that he want to show 5 things, namely: emotional, age, light, humor, and poetry. However, Kader acknowledges that emotions are something universal that everyone can feel. Especially when talking about the children. “When talking about childlike, something is the same everywhere,” says Kader.

Kader also want to make a live performance and did not want to restrict spectators interpretation. “We want set free the audience for imagine of what we show,” Kader said.

When asked about the potential gain inspiration while in Indonesia, Kader acknowledges not have time enough to explore Indonesia. However, Kader optimistic in a certain time there inspiration from Indonesia.

Compagnie Accrocrap itself is a dance group from France. Born in Saint Priest in 1989, Accrocrap always represent dances that combine dance between hiphop and contemporary dance. In each work, Accrocrap always indicate stories that can birth to emotions. After a stop in Bandung, Balikpapan, Surabaya, and Jakarta, Accrocrap will forward journey to Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Note: This post are english version from Tarian Accrocrap Bius 700 Penonton di Bandung. Thank to Mr. Google who help me to translate to english version. More photos on Flickr Tags compagnieaccrorap.


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