Music Expression Without Grip in the Style of POW Ensemble

Music, as a universal language, it appeared that not only must be submitted with the explicit lyrics and simple rhythmic. Freedom of expression in the play was not necessarily follow the existing grip. Nevertheless, the message you want delivered in the play can still communicated between musicians and audience.

This is reflected in a performance of POW Ensemble, a group of Dutch origin electrically music, in Auditorium CCF Bandung on Thursday, June 11, 2009 ago. Luc Houtkamp (computer), Guy Harries (computer), and Wiek Hijmans (guitar), show performance titled Strange Attractors which able to arouse click amazed 50 audience approximately at Auditorium CCF Bandung.

Music composition of POW Ensemble play consisting from 2 computers and an electric guitar. Voters guitar passages, re-processed by computer and combined with the other interesting and unique voices. Often they use tools outside the musical instrument, such as glass and spoon. Mix tone that is not normal, is the end result of the new wave music and new music identity that refers to the music room at this time.

In terms of color music, POW Ensemble is not only the grip of one color of music. They able to combine briskly and move music from one music color to another music color without having to sacrifice their identity play.

The concept of music presented POW Ensemble is different with the play of most Indonesians. When Indonesia’s music tastes tend to follow a certain rhythm and grip, this will not be visible in the POW Ensemble. Very free, so that spectators sometimes difficult to translate. Rare strain not even presented with the music style of opera. This shows that freedom of expression, they show in the casual tone of color, grip, rhythm and music.

Weird but Interesting

“Cool music,” said Maya Kartika Soetoro, young musicians from Bandung. According to Maya, the POW Ensemble presents a tones does not explicitly and tend absurb. Sometimes there is even a tone that is deliberately Fals. Nonetheless, precisely through a tones they tells what they feel.

Maya is also said that the ability of POW Ensemble personnel also quite advanced. Maya cite with Wiek Hijmans. The guitarist is able to play some music from the original version of the instrument piano. “In fact it is not easy,” Maya firm amazed.

Current Music Arts

Aditya Indro, Tour Manager for POW Ensemble in Indonesia, said that the POW Ensemble is a music group that attempts to introduce new possibilities in musical instruments. They not only provide art music, but also combine them with popular music.

When asked the color POW Ensemble music, Dito, Aditya familiar call, said that the music of POW Ensemble is contemporary style. But he more pleased call with the music art at this time.

Besides the show, POW Ensemble is also electrically conducting music workshops in several places in the city in Indonesia, such as the Theater Salihara Jakarta and Common Room Bandung. In addition to sharing knowledge about music electrically, this workshop also aimed to explore possibilities for new sounds in Indonesia.

Note: This post are english version from Ekspresi Bermusik Tanpa Pakem ala POW Ensemble. Thank to Mr. Google who help me to translate to english version.


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